img_5514Alejandra C. (Tobar Alatriz) is a queer, Chile-Mexi-mix immigrant, and a Healing Justice Practitioner. A graduate of the University of Texas in Austin, she centered her studies in arts and healing.  She has been a community organizer for the last 20+ years around the issues of human rights, sexual assault and domestic violence, immigration, environmental justice, arts organizing. (Tobar Alatriz) is an Open Space Technology facilitator and a Human Systems Dynamics Associate. She is an organizational development consultant and has served on many non-profit boards. Over the last two decades, Alejandra has performed and/or directed work at Pangea World Theater, Park Square Theater, Dreamland Arts, Intermedia Arts, Pillsbury House Theater, Open Eye Theater, The Ritz, and more!

Alejandra alongside her wife Saby Labor founded the People’s Movement Center (PMC) in 2014 in South Minneapolis. At the PMC, she was a healing justice practitioner and Global Somatics Process bodyworker, teacher and facilitator until July 2019, when the PMC closed. She centers the work of the Body in her artistic as well as arts organizing and creative place-keeping work. She is on the board of Indigenous Roots Cultural Arts Center. She leads a private practice through Embody, a Global Somatics Process lab at United Bodyworkers and Artists in St. Paul, MN.

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