making dance

Life is a gorgeous flow of movement in and out of patterns.
Mostly through movement it is easier to understand.
From 1998-2010, Alejandra performed and traveled and studied.

For the years 2010-2020 (Tobar Alatriz) has been playing with theater, healing arts, film, and somatic embodiment… one multidisciplinary cell at a time. And methodically present with her personal healing journey.

Current and upcoming projects:

Don’t You Feel it Too?: DYFIT? is the simple and beautiful act of dancing your inner life in public. It is a form of movement meditation that transforms the self while taking action in the world.

-Choreography in community: co-devised intergenerational dance pieces

-GSP embodiment circles for responsible leadership

-Multi-disciplinary collaborations

Reach out if you’re interested in supporting and/or playing along. Like the soft moving boundary of the tide on the sand, dance is also theater.

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