Diving in with Less than Perfect Form

TW- talk of blood and death.

They sometimes come in threes.

Today, Dr. Boo and I awoke to three bloody paw prints. To a white-coated terrier, quietly licking her paws, her body doing it’s best to coagulate blood. I wonder if her rhythmic tongue and trance-like intention triggered just enough life force to encapsulate it, so as to stop bleeding from her fall. The evidence of her efforts was dramatic. The amount of blood was, to say the least, distracting. Throughout it all, Shelby as we call her— she, was quiet in her suffering. Every now and then Dr. Boo named a version of this fact. Out of the many notables in this situation, this one championed her.

We have three places we currently consider options for help with the health of our beloved four-leggeds. One elicits sparkles from our eyes, el segundo is unknown yet held with cautious optimism, y el tercero is a place we’ve been going to for years.  We follow our gut and like a maroon, red and white taco, we swoop white-bloody Shelby into the red Prius y to el doctor. I shut off my phone to bring down the electrical-magnetic interruptions. The dr. vet takes out a huge clot from the side of Shelby’s mouth and we all exhale to see if the bleeding will finally stop.

So the doctor vet gives us three options while helping Shelby’s life-force with a little pebble of a pill.
If the bleeding doesn’t stop, it might be time time and we would put her to sleep. The two and the three option are fuzzy but involve anesthesia and operations and blood transfusions, bright-lights, lots of money, and harsh, incessant noises.
So all I think is ‘please stop bleeding’. She worked so hard after that initial fall and ‘please body, now, overcome’.

And then, she does.

Now, well into the afternoon, and in a setting with increased padding, Shelby paces and rests boldly in this physical realm.


And so this blog begins.

Published by Alejandra, a Chilena-Mexi Mix of Queer

I am an artist with healing hands and a large dose of sass; a performer, facilitator, and theater maker. I am a writer and a traveler of space and time. I lean into paradigm-shifting work which includes arts organizing and community development.

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